Our Story

As brothers growing up, soup it UP founders Ian and Adam Nefsky didn’t agree on everything, but one of the things they did agree on was a love of great food.

And even though both of them had worked in the food industry, neither originally imagined that was where their entrepreneurial spirit and love of food would take them. Ian had a successful real estate career and Adam had just graduated from Marketing.

Although Toronto had many places to eat in the mid-1990s, it was lacking the kind of place Ian and Adam would want to go to for lunch, a place where they could get a traditional soup and salad or sandwich that offered variety to suit their tastes, was quick, made from quality ingredients and served fresh.

Never ones to back away from a challenge, the brothers combined their skills, experience and love of food to create the kind of place they were looking for that combined traditional lunch fare with a healthy modern twist.

And so began soup it UP, in 1996, with a single location in Toronto, on Yonge Street south of Bloor. That is where they personally perfected their signature meat and vegetarian chili recipes and created many of the soup flavours you will still find on their menu today.

It was important to both Ian and Adam that soup it UP soups were made only with fresh all natural ingredients and without any preservatives. It wasn’t long before word of their tasty soups and hearty chili began to spread. Rather than the downtown office building crowd having to travel to them, soup it UP brought their soups to the financial district and never left.

You can also find soup it UP locations in some of Toronto’s biggest hospitals, including the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital.

Now you can find soup it UP in several locations downtown, each location offering over ten soups daily and create your own salads and sandwiches. soup it UP also now offers a breakfast menu with create your own yogurt, cereal and freshly made oatmeal with toppings, baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and omelettes at some locations.

While the menu has grown over time, Adam and Ian still pride themselves on soup It UP serving up only the freshest quality ingredients in all of their choices. All breads come from local bakeries and are served fresh every day.

At soup it UP, with such a variety of soups and toppings for your salad or sandwich, you never have to have the exact same meal twice, but once you find your favourite combination, you will definitely want to!